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Best Practices in Artwork Management – Part 1

Regulatory Agencies are becoming stringent on Labeling. Coupled with today’s economic environment, enterprises are focusing on operational excellence, cost-cutting, and Return On Investment (ROI) to help maintain profitability.

Packaging Artwork Management is evolving from a departmental file management tool to an enterprise wide workflow and collaboration system.

Implementing and deploying enterprise solutions for internal and external users is a complex art and involves many strategic and technical decisions. Organizations make significant investments to ensure the solution they deploy meets the needs of their business community and stakeholders.

The following series of posts are a collection of our learnings from implementing Packaging Artwork Management Systems for various industries (Food, Cosmetics, OTC Pharma, Regulated Pharma, Industrial Chemicals, Gaming).


  1. Analyze your Current State
  2. Define an Efficient Workflow
  3. Internal ONLY / Globalartwork management
  4. Organizing Files
  5. Organizing Metadata
  6. Organizing Projects
  7. Data Entry Forms & Checklists
  8. Integrations
  9. Extensions
  10. Proof-reading
  11. Pre-Flight
  12. Brief Vs Artwork Comparison
  13. Tracking

Analyze your Current State

One of the biggest fears people face when looking at an Artwork Management solution is that they don’t know how to get started, or they’re afraid they’re going to “get it wrong”.

Successful implementations of Artwork Management Solutions start by understanding your current processes and needs

  • What are your current business processes?
  • What is your existing organizational structure – how are assets routed? Who is involved? How are responsibilities divided up?
  • Where are the current pain points and bottlenecks?

Define an Efficient Workflow

Once you understand how your existing processes work, you can start thinking about your desired workflow and the specific tasks performed by various individuals. An efficient workflow is imperative to keeping track of your assets. The solution should be powerful and flexible enough

so that you aren’t pigeonholed into a limited workflow.

Typical questions that need to be answered are

  •  Who initiates the Request for Artworks  work flow
    • For Global New Product Launches
    • For Regional New Product Launches
    • For Line Extensions
    • For Global Promos
    • For Regional Promos
    • For Revisions
      • At a Component Level
      • At a SKU Level
  • Who checks what and When ?
    • Who checks the Text Matter and When ?
    • Who checks the Color and When?
    • Who checks the key-Lines and When?
    • Who checks the Dimensions and When?
    • Who checks the Barcodes and When?
  • Who should be alerted and When ?
  • Who needs to have access to a particular version of a file and when. For example Who needs to have access to the Obsolete Artworks

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