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Document Types in ManageArtworks- Packaging Label Artwork Management System


In a packaging label/ artwork management lifecycle, the team requires / creates several documents that support the final artwork. How does the team manage all the documents?

To answer this, ManageArtworks provides a central library that helps the team to store and manage all the required documents.

When a user uploads the file which is in pdf format, out of several other metadata details, document type is one of them. The different document types which are used to support the final label artwork file can be classified as follows –

The typical document types that are managed are as follows:

document type
Document Types
file extension
File Extensions
S. No.Document TypeWhat do we mean?File Extensions
1Approved CopySome Companies do not have the digital copy of the Label Artwork with them and so they can upload the scanned copy of the file. This can be used as a reference file (in a workflow) for revising the artworkPdf,  jpeg
2ArtworkThe PDF Label Artwork.Pdf
3Artwork Approval ReportSome Companies take a print of the artwork, then get the signature from all approvers, scan the file and store as Artwork Approval ReportPdf, , jpeg
4Key Line DrawingKey Line Diagram / Cutter GuidePdf, , AI, DWG
5MockPharma & CPG (FMCG) companies use Mock Files in different contexts. Pharma Companies are required to submit the Mock file to the regulator for drug approval. So, they upload the file that they sent to the regulator into ManageArtworks as a Mock File. CPG (FMCG) companies upload the Packaging Design Mock as a Mock FilePdf, , jpeg
6Printer FileThis is the same as Vendor Proof·Pdf, xlsx, jpeg
7Proof Approval ReportSame as Artwork Approval Report but for ProofsPdf, , jpeg
8Source fileSource (AI / CDR) file·AI, CDR
9Specification filePackaging Specification File·Pdf, xlsx, DOCX
10Reference fileThe supporting files related to a label artworkFont Files, Images


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