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What is ManageArtworks?

ManageArtworks is the Packaging Artwork Management Software that helps regulated industries like Pharmaceuticals and CPG to ensure regulatory compliance of their pack labels. It connects all stakeholders into an automated workflow, empowers users with sophisticated proofing tools and gives complete transparency to the entire process with approval request tracking, audit trails and dashboards.

Using annotation and comments, reviewers and approvers can pinpoint their suggestions which can be easily comprehended by the artwork creator. External entities like agencies and printers can also be added as part of the system.

ManageArtworks is equipped with checklists and tools to proof read barcode which are mandatory for regulatory compliance. It also lets you review brand compliance elements like colors, fonts and dimensions. Powered by a version comparison tool, ManageArtworks eliminates the need to spend long hours in comparing previous versions of the packaging artwork.


What are the delivery options in ManageArtworks?

With ManageArtworks Cloud you get a ready to use product, which can be used by paying a very low monthly subscription fee. ManageArtworks In-premise/ Dedicated Hosting models offer a custom made solution which can be installed in your own IT infrastructure or from ManageArtworks’ secure data centre.

Deployment Option Hardware Responsibility Customisation Possible?
Cloud ManageArtworks No
Dedicated Hosting ManageArtworks Yes
In-Premise Client Yes


Who are the typical users of ManageArtworks?
  • Labeling
  • Artwork
  • Packaging
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory
  • QA
  • Procurement
  • Nutrition
  • Legal
  • Brand Management


What file formats are supported by ManageArtworks?

Any file format can be uploaded and managed in ManageArtworks, however for color separation, barcode validation we require a PDF.


Can ManageArtworks be used as a Digital Asset Library?

Yes. ManageArtworks not only serves as an digital asset library but also helps manage your organization’s video library, audio library, presentations and document library as well.


What can I do with ManageArtworks?

The usage is infinite. Here’s a list of some ways to use ManageArtworks:

  • Organize all your artworks and associated files (like cutter guides, illustrator files, reference files, mock drawings, print proofs)
  • Organize all your promotional materials (like catch covers, visual aids, monographs, POS etc)
  • Manage all the file versions automatically
  • Identify fonts used in the artwork
  • Review and comment on the artwork
  • Measure dimensions
  • Do color separation (CMYK, Pantone) and Layer separation
  • Validate Barcodes- including 2D codes, QR Codes
  • Compare artwork versions
  • Easily share large files with external entities like agencies, printers etc.
  • Organize marketing videos
  • Organize audio files
  • Share download links


Why would I want to use ManageArtworks?

If you are currently using a cloud storage or a DAM or an online proofing tool or an in-house application, the below comparison explains why you need ManageArtworks

Organize all your artworks and associated files Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage all the file versions automatically Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Identify fonts used in the artwork Yes No Yes Yes No
Review and comment on the artwork Yes No No in most providers Yes No
Measure dimensions Yes No No No No
Do color separation (CMYK, Pantone) and Layer separation Yes No No No No
Validate Barcodes- including 2D codes, QR Codes Yes No No No No
Compare artwork versions Yes No No No in most tools No
Easily share large files with external entities like agencies, printers etc. No No No No No


With ManageArtworks, do you physically send large files or share links?

When you want to share a file from ManageArtworks, you can simply click the Share icon, and email a link that your recipient will receive, no attachments.


Can I set expiration dates on the links I share in ManageArtworks?

Yes. Every time you send a link to share an individual file, the link is active for 72 hours.


Are my files secure in ManageArtworks?

We use world-class cloud computing infrastructure provided by Softlayer an IBM company, so you can be rest assured your content is stored on an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform.


Can I get a free trial of ManageArtworks?

Yes, you can get a 7 day free trial of ManageArtworks by clicking here. No credit card is required for the trial sign up.


How much does ManageArtworks cost?

ManageArtworks in- premise and dedicated hosting cost varies depending on customer requirements. Contact us for a personalised quote. ManageArtworks Cloud version offers subscription plans based on the number of users and storage needs of your organization. ManageArtworks Cloud scales with you. You may add additional users and storage at any time; prorated to your billing cycle.