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I. Locating The Correct Artwork

Challenges & As Is

  • Locating the latest version of artwork
  • Artworks are scattered across printers, agencies and internally in multiple desktops.

Effects Of Challenge

  • It takes considerable time, effort and coordination
  • Additional cost of re-creating lost artworks

Benefits Of ManageArtworks: Fast Search & Retrieval Of Artworks

  • Central Artwork repository, accessible using web browser anywhere, anytime
  • Fast search and retrieval of artwork files, specification files, print-proofs, etc.
  • Use any combination of data to quickly find the required artwork
  • Find the latest approved source file of the artwork to give to a new printer
  • Search by SAP/ERP code

fast search

II. Long Artwork Approval Time

Challenges & As Is

  • Long Artwork Approval Time: Challenges & As Is
  • Back & forth communication between multiple stakeholders (internal & external) to approve the artwork
  • Overflowing emails camouflage your pending tasks

Effects Of Challenge

  • Overflowing emails camouflage your pending tasks.
  • Thorough validation is bypassed to save time.
  • Artworks may be released without approval of all concerned stakeholders

Benefits Of ManageArtworks

  • Ensures all necessary approvals are obtained from relevant stakeholders


 III. Proofing Time

Challenges & As Is

  • It is extremely difficult for any human to precisely proof read color, dimensions, barcode and braille
  • Taking color prints and using them to proof read the several aspects never gives the right result
  • This results in a lot of time being taken to proof and results in many errors

Effects Of Challenge

  • This results in a lot of time being taken to proof and results in many errors
  • This iteration results in loss of critical time and increases the cost of printing as artworks need to be reprinted.

Benefits Of ManageArtworks

  • Precise proof reading is possible
  • No wastage of packaging – get it right the first time
  • Saves a lot of time and helps you reach the market faster


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