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Packaging Artwork Approval Process

Does an artwork complete its lifecycle from creation to approval of final vendor proof without any deviations? The flow might appear linear but the challenge lies in not missing a step when the artwork request is broken into multiple workflows based on SKU or components.

An end-to-end artwork approval process typically starts with someone raising a request for an artwork and ends with the approval of the vendor proofs. The below flowchart illustrates a typical artwork approval process.


In a series of blog posts, we will explore the different stages of an artwork approval workflow and discuss best practices in implementing them for your organization.

  1. Artwork Requests
  2. Collate inputs and Create Artworks
  3. Approve and Release Artworks
  4. FAQ on Artwork Approval Process

To facilitate the above mentioned blogs, we will be using the following example:

A company launches 3 flavors of juice (Grapefruit, Cranberry and Orange) to be sold in 2 bottle sizes (4 fl oz and 8 fl oz). Each SKU has 3 artwork components (front label, back label and cap). So the launch consists of 6 SKUs and 18 artwork components.


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