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Manage BOM

Turbocharge your ERP/PLM to manage
BOM complexities

Create BOM | Link parts and specifications | Revise, share and enforce business rules with packaging BOM manager

Managing the packaging bill of material offers greater control over the development and maintenance of packaging configurations. With CPG companies churning out product combinations at increasing frequency, there is a demand for greater flexibility and ease of putting together the packaging BOM.

Product extensions, market extensions and promotional offers can force new packaging configurations to be created and this leads to a proliferation of packaging BOMs. Keeping up with this pace does not fit into a rigid ERP system or as a free-for-all Excel spreadsheet. What’s required is just the right structure with the ease of managing it.

Automated CopyText Management Proofing Tool

What can you do with Packaging BOM Manager?

Brings better focus on finished goods packaging development process.

Enhance visibility and clarity across the supply chain for all the product configurations

Improves the speed of packaging approval

Ensure faster time to market and compliance with corporate and customer requirements

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