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Manage Specification

Drive savings and maintain compliance by managing packaging and print specifications realtime

What can you do with Packaging Specification Manager?

Create, revise, share, analyze and audit packaging and print specifications

Reduce your Time to Market

With Specification manager, all your stakeholders will be on the same page enabling quicker approval times and enhanced visibility

Eliminate errors

With Specification manager, both artwork and specification files need to be approved before being released to print thereby eliminating errors

Integrate with ManageArtworks to synchronize packaging artworks, proofs and BOMs. Ensure that your entire value chain (designers, internal stakeholders, customers, suppliers, printers) has access to the correct version of artwork and its corresponding specification.

Integrate with ManageArtworks to ensure that all your stakeholders have access to the current effective version of the specification. Bid adieu to manual email trails about obsolete specifications.

Ready to see how Manage Specifications could work for you?