eCommerce Process


  • The eCommerce Process in packaging artwork management involves capturing and coordinating both the packaging content and eCommerce-specific content, along with creating high-quality pack shots. This content is then syndicated to online retailers via syndication agencies or pushed into a PIM system for further distribution. It’s a critical process for ensuring that the product's online presentation is consistent with its physical packaging and aligns with brand standards.


  • The main challenges in this process include maintaining consistency in brand messaging across physical and digital platforms, ensuring high-quality and accurate visual representation of products, and efficiently managing the distribution of content to various online retailers. Additionally, meeting the specific content requirements of different eCommerce platforms can be complex.

How ManageArtworks Addresses These Challenges?

  • Integrated content management: ManageArtworks offers a centralized platform for managing both packaging and eCommerce content, ensuring consistency in brand messaging across all channels.
  • High-Quality pack shot creation: ManageArtworks facilitates the creation of high-resolution pack shots, either through physical photography or 3D modeling, by routing the requests to 3rd party service providers. Once the pack shots are ready, they are uploaded into the ManageArtworks DAM for distribution.
  • Seamless syndication to retailers: ManageArtworks streamlines the process of distributing content and pack shots to online syndication agencies, simplifying the transfer of information to retailers and ensuring timely updates.

A typical eCommerce workflow might look something like this,

  • Compile product information: Compile accurate and up-to-date information about each product, including detailed descriptions, ingredients, nutritional facts, allergen information, and any special dietary claims (e.g., organic, gluten-free). The starting point for this data is the approved Copy in the ManageArtworks Copy Manager and the Artwork file in the ManageArtworks DAM. This compile eCommerce information can be managed in the Copy Manager itself. The content can be sent for review and approval.
  • Create digital assets: Create digital assets including high-resolution pack shots, lifestyle images, and other relevant visuals for online platforms. Ensure images cover various angles and details, including front, back, and sides. Edit images to fit eCommerce platform specifications, adjusting lighting, background, and orientation as needed. Pack shots must be compliant with GS1 standards, including GTIN visibility, file naming conventions, and image quality. The digital asset creation can be done by 3rd party service providers who can also be users in the ManageArtworks system and can upload the files into the DAM once ready.
  • Approve content and images: The eCommerce content and images are routed through the ManageArtworks workflow for internal review. The review usually involves marketing, legal, and product management teams. The focus is on accuracy, brand consistency, compliance, and quality of images and content. Feedback is collected online using annotations on the images and comments on the content. Based on the feedback necessary revisions are made in the content and images, and then routed for final approval.
  • Format data: Format all product information and digital assets according to the guidelines provided by the eCommerce website or the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) data pool provider. This includes structuring data to fit standardized fields and adhering to specific file formats and naming conventions. The modified content and files are updated back into the ManageArtworks system.
  • Upload content and files: Upload the formatted product information and images to the eCommerce website or the chosen data pool (Syndigo, 1WorldSync). These platforms act as intermediaries, distributing product information to various online retailers and marketplaces. The data pool validates the uploaded information to ensure it meets the necessary quality and standardization requirements. Correct any errors or discrepancies identified during validation.

Benefits of using ManageArtworks for eCommerce Process:

  • Brand consistency: ManageArtworks ensures that your product’s online presenceis in harmony with its physical packaging, maintaining brand integrity and customer trust.
  • Efficient content distribution: ManageArtworks speeds up the process of updating eCommerce content, allowing for quicker adaptation to market changes and new product introductions.
  • Enhanced online visibility: ManageArtworks aids in collating the eCommerce content and images and routing them for approval while keeping everyone involved in the loop.

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