At ManageArtworks, we specialize in deploying comprehensive artwork and copy management systems tailored to meet the unique needs of enterprise clients. Our implementation process is designed to seamlessly transition your business from its current operations to a more efficient, digitally managed system.

Scope and Requirement Gathering

  • Once the sales team hands over the sales order to the Delivery team, a dedicated project manager is allocated for the project. Our Business Analyst along with the project manager will reach out to you to kick start the requirement gathering phase. The first step involves an in-depth understanding of your existing artwork processes. While we understand from you the as-is process, our business analyst will be able to share industry best practises and suggest options that will help you arrive at an optimal to-be process.

  • The below image shows an overview of all the steps involved in the implementation of a ManageArtworks project. While the number of steps might look overwhelming, for small projects a majority of them may not be applicable or get collapsed into other tasks or take very little time to finish.

  • Standard Templates: Our standard data capture and workflow templates expedite the requirement gathering process, allowing us to implement solutions swiftly.

  • We are committed to fast, effective implementations, fully engaging with you throughout the implementation phase to ensure a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Also, post-implementation we offer a 30-day hyper care period to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Our goal is to equip your enterprise with a powerful system that enhances efficiency, compliance, and brand consistency.

Technical Support

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled support services for our artwork and copy management product. Understanding the critical nature of your business, we offer a dedicated support team available 24/7, ensuring assistance is always within reach for our global customer base.

Effortless Support Access

Reaching out for support is streamlined and user-friendly. Whether you encounter an issue or need guidance, help is just an email away at Our aim is to make the process of seeking assistance as hassle-free as possible.

Online Support Portal

Our online support portal is designed for your convenience. It features an automatic ticketing system, enabling you to effortlessly raise support requests. Once you submit a ticket, you can track its status at any time through the portal. This transparency ensures you're always updated on the progress of your queries.

Prompt and Reliable Service

We understand the importance of quick and efficient support in maintaining the smooth operation of your business. Our team is committed to responding promptly, adhering strictly to the agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs). You can rest assured that your concerns and questions will be addressed in a timely and professional manner.

Our goal is to provide support that not only resolves issues quickly but also helps you make the most out of our artwork and copy management system. ManageArtwork's support services are an integral part of our commitment to your success, offering peace of mind and the assurance that expert help is always just a few clicks away.

Account Management

All Enterprise clients are allocated a dedicated Account Manager whose primary task is to help you get the most out of the system.

Your Account Manager will serve as the primary point of contact and can be reached for any of the following requirements:

  • Onboarding and Training: Existing users might need re-training on certain parts of the software or a new employee might need to be onboarded. The Account Manager can help in providing material and training sessions.

  • Product Expertise: Account managers possess in-depth knowledge of the ManageArtworks system, its features, and capabilities. Educating and guiding you on how to effectively utilize the software is high on their agenda.

  • Change Requests and expansion: As your business grows and changes, the system might require changes to existing workflows or additional workflows to be implemented. The account manager can understand your requirements and bring in the right people to make the changes.

  • User expansion and demand spikes: If you need more permanent user licenses or need a way to manage demand spikes during your peak season, your account manager can help you.

  • Giving feedback: If you have feedback on the system or feature requests, our account managers are always happy to relay the feedback to the right teams and initiate action.

  • Issue Escalation: The account manager will also be your escalation point in case you are not getting proper technical support or there are unaddressed challenges with the software.

  • Performance Monitoring: Your account manager will monitor and analyze product usage and provide insights and recommendations on how to optimize the use of the software for better efficiency and results.

  • Contract and Renewal Management: The account manager will also manage contract negotiations, renewals, and ensure that all contractual terms are met.

In essence, your Account Manager will play a crucial role in ensuring that you are satisfied with the software, understand how to use it effectively, and receive value that exceeds your investment.


Navigating the stringent regulatory landscape of the pharmaceutical industry requires robust and compliant solutions. We specialize in offering comprehensive validation services that meet the exacting standards of US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11. These regulations are crucial for clients selling products in the European Union and the United States, demanding rigorous validation of electronic records and electronic signatures.

Complete Validation Documentation

Our services include providing complete Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) documentation. These critical components ensure that your systems are installed and functioning correctly, meeting all predefined requirements and specifications. Our team offers standard templates to streamline this process, but we are also flexible in adapting to your needs. If you prefer using your existing templates, our team can seamlessly work with your Computer System Validation (CSV) team to ensure all documentation aligns with your internal standards and practices.

Assistance with Performance Qualification (PQ)

We understand that Performance Qualification is a vital step in the validation process. To this end, we assist in drafting PQ-related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Customized Approach

We recognize that every pharmaceutical company has unique requirements. Therefore, our approach is highly customizable, aligning with your specific validation needs. Whether it's adapting to your SOPs or integrating with your existing validation frameworks, our goal is to ensure a smooth, compliant, and efficient validation process.

Our validation services are more than just a compliance measure; they are a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability in your pharmaceutical operations. With our expertise and support, you can confidently navigate the regulatory environment, focusing on delivering safe and effective products to your customers.


ManageArtworks provides the following migration services:

  • Import all your existing artwork files into ManageArtworks DAM along with associated metadata. We will index these files and metadata so that you can now search and retrieve your artwork files instantly.

  • Extract content from artwork files, PDF, Excel or Word documents and create a content repository of all your existing products. The content imported into our Copy Manager can now be used to create copy for new products or update existing product copy.


As an Artwork Management System, ManageArtworks inherently needs to work in tandem with your existing Line of Business (LOB) applications. The integrations we provide with other systems allow seamless data transfer and avoids keying in data which is already available elsewhere. Below is an image that shows all the integrations with ManageArtworks and at what stage of the artwork process these integrations happen.

ERP Integrations

Item Codes and Product Codes 

Most companies have an ERP system to manage all their product and material codes.. The Item codes, FG codes and component codes available in the ERP are also required in ManageArtworks to be associated with the artwork files. This integration helps in pulling the respective codes from your ERP (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, etc.) and reusing within ManageArtworks.

Packaging and Labeling Inventory

In the CPG industry, it’s typical to revamp packaging designs every 12-18 months. When this happens, insight into the current label inventory is essential for making decisions related to launch date and existing inventory use.

Very often printed packaging material is thrown away because someone failed to look at inventory level of existing labels before ordering the print for the new artwork design.

Linking Artwork Release to Vendor PO

Print vendor purchase orders are typically released from an ERP system. Once the PO is released, the clock starts ticking for the vendor to deliver the proofs and printed material.

However, if the final approved artwork doesn't reach the vendor on time, it can cause delays and disruptions for both the organization and the vendor.

Integrating the ERP system with the artwork approval process can help to sync the release of the approved artwork and the vendor PO. This can make the process smoother and less stressful for everyone involved.

DAM Integration 

Some companies have already invested in a DAM system and ManageArtworks can push the final approved artworks to the existing DAM system and vice versa. 

PLM Integration

When new products are introduced, the PLM system (SAP, Agile, Enovia, Optiva, Centric, etc.) records product information like ingredients, nutrition facts, allergens, etc. The ManageArtworks Copy Manager which manages all Pack Copy can pull this data from the PLM and reuse it. A similar integration can also be done with Recipe Management systems (e.g. Esha Genesis) which have this data.

PIM Integration

ManageArtworks Copy Manager is the single source of truth for all pack copy. Once the copy has been approved, the artwork designed and approved in the ManageArtworks Artwork Review process, the copy information is pushed downstream to PIM systems which in turn can push to online retailers and to the extended ecosystem of the company.

QMS Integration

Companies can initiate artwork revisions through Quality Management Systems (QMS), and upon approval within ManageArtworks, an artwork change process is initiated. This integration streamlines the sharing of change control numbers and other relevant details between the systems. 

E-commerce Integration

ManageArtworks is a system that helps companies manage their product data and integrate it with e-commerce websites. It can automatically sync product updates across all platforms, and it can export data in any format. This helps companies to ensure that their product data is accurate and up to date, which can lead to increased sales and reduced risk. 

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