Account Management

Your Account Manager will serve as the primary point of contact and can be reached for any of the following requirements:

  • Onboarding and Training: Existing users might need re-training on certain parts of the software or a new employee might need to be onboarded. The Account Manager can help in providing material and training sessions.

  • Product Expertise: Account managers possess in-depth knowledge of the ManageArtworks system, its features, and capabilities. Educating and guiding you on how to effectively utilize the software is high on their agenda.

  • Change Requests and expansion: As your business grows and changes, the system might require changes to existing workflows or additional workflows to be implemented. The account manager can understand your requirements and bring in the right people to make the changes.

  • User expansion and demand spikes: If you need more permanent user licenses or need a way to manage demand spikes during your peak season, your account manager can help you.

  • Giving feedback: If you have feedback on the system or feature requests, our account managers are always happy to relay the feedback to the right teams and initiate action.

  • Issue Escalation: The account manager will also be your escalation point in case you are not getting proper technical support or there are unaddressed challenges with the software.

  • Performance Monitoring: Your account manager will monitor and analyze product usage and provide insights and recommendations on how to optimize the use of the software for better efficiency and results.

  • Contract and Renewal Management: The account manager will also manage contract negotiations, renewals, and ensure that all contractual terms are met.

In essence, your Account Manager will play a crucial role in ensuring that you are satisfied with the software, understand how to use it effectively, and receive value that exceeds your investment.

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