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ManageArtworks powers Food, CPG and Pharma companies by managing their packaging artwork lifecycle in one connected space. More than 5,000+ brands worldwide use ManageArtworks to get their products to the market faster and be compliant with labeling regulations.

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ManageArtworks, in its original incarnation, has over a decade of experience in automating business processes for large enterprises across industries. We then pivoted to focus on one specific goal: assisting companies with packaged products to deliver their goods in the fastest way possible while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
When we founded ManageArtworks, there were a handful of packaging artwork solutions in the market. But few, if any, gave the customer an end-to- end flow which addressed all the pain points and have it implemented in a short duration. We like to think we changed that.
ManageArtworks is a simple tool for both growing businesses and enterprises. Whether you're ready to move on from email, or you're fed up with trying to use other project management software for managing packaging artworks, I hope you'll give ManageArtworks a try. I'm confident that you'll love it.
Give it a shot, and email me at vilva@manageartworks.com to let me know what you think.
Vilva Natarajan
CEO, ManageArtworks

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