What can you do with our Annotations tool?

Streamline Decision-Making with Online PDF Annotations

Unified Feedback Platform

Unlike the isolated annotation in manual processes, online annotation allows all reviewers to annotate on the same artwork PDF, providing a centralized feedback platform. The system clearly tags each annotation with the username the annotation timestamp for traceability.

Real-time Collaboration

In contrast to the manual process where collaboration is limited, online annotation offers real-time visibility into others' feedback, fostering better communication and understanding among team members.

Immediate Designer Access

Designers gain instant access to all annotations within the system, eliminating the delay in manual processes where designers await collated feedback.

Collation-free process

Online annotation eliminates the necessity for manually collating feedback, eradicating the time-consuming and error-prone nature inherent in manual annotation procedures.

Enhanced Interactive Feedback

The ability to reply to annotations adds a layer of interaction, allowing for more dynamic and efficient communication

Comprehensive Annotation Tools

All annotation tools available in Adobe Acrobat including sticky notes, highlighting, and adding shapes are available for users online

Progress Tracking

The system features a status flag for every annotation, enabling changes to be marked as 'Completed,' offering transparent and instant updates on progress

Reduce Oversight risk

The centralized nature of online annotation significantly reduces the risk of overlooking important feedback, a common issue in the disjointed manual annotation process.

Offline Accessibility

Export and share the annotated artwork as a PDF along with all the comments with the stakeholders outside the system.

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