Artwork Review

Orchestrate projects, set deadlines, and accomplish more

Collaborate better and minimize delays

Dashboard for Project Tracking

  • A dynamic dashboard provides real-time tracking of projects. 
  • Projects are color-coded in a traffic light manner: green for on-time, yellow for tending towards delay, and red for delayed projects.
  • This visual representation allows for quick assessment of project statuses. 

Custom Workflow Creation

  • Users can build custom workflows to suit various approval processes. 
  • The system offers the flexibility to create and use workflow templates with predefined activities and stakeholder involvement for different stages.

Parallel and Serial Workflows with Rejection Loopbacks

  • The system allows for the setup of both parallel and serial workflows, accommodating various project needs. 
  • It includes the capability for rejection loopbacks, ensuring that tasks can be revisited and revised as needed. 

Task Forwarding and Delegation

  • Users can forward tasks to others, enhancing collaboration and flexibility. 
  • In cases of absence, such as out-of-office scenarios, users can delegate their tasks, ensuring continuous workflow progression.

File Attachment to Projects

  • Users can attach various file types directly to projects, making it easier to manage and access relevant documents and files in one place. This includes artworks, print proofs, images, briefs, and other relevant documents.
  • Users can update the files and the system automatically manages file versions. 
  • All users involved in a project have access to these files and documents. This ensures that everyone on the team is working with the most current and relevant information, promoting consistency and accuracy.
  • The system offers a robust in-application viewing feature for various file types. This functionality allows users to open and view artwork files in PDF and Adobe Illustrator formats, as well as images and office documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, directly within the system. This eliminates the need for downloading files and using separate applications to view them. This feature streamlines the workflow, saves time, and enhances the overall user experience by providing immediate access to crucial documents and designs.

Automated Email Alerts and Reminders

  • The workflow system is equipped to automatically send email alerts and reminders for upcoming or overdue tasks, ensuring timely completion of each stage.

Project search and filter

  • Users can search for projects based on project attributes, such as the brand name, product type, etc. 
  • This is particularly useful for finding projects with similarities or to reference past projects for consistent branding and design practices.
  • Once a project is located, users can drill down into the project to access project data, including project status, team members involved, deadlines, files and comments. 

Flexible Task Assignment

  • Tasks can be assigned to individual users or groups. 
  • Configurations are available to move the workflow forward once any member in a group takes action, or to wait until all members have acted, catering to different project requirements. 

Detailed Audit Log

  • The system maintains a comprehensive audit log for each project, detailing who performed what action and when.
  • This feature provides transparency and accountability throughout the project lifecycle and ensures compliance to 21 CFR Part 11. 

Multiple Views and Accessibility

  • Users can access different views of workflow and project data, including their own inbox, in-progress projects, completed projects, and projects they have participated in.
  • This feature ensures that all stakeholders have the relevant information and project status updates at their fingertips.

Multiple Views and Accessibility

  • Projects can include a customized set of fields, catering to specific details like project name, number, brand, component, product details, and due dates. 
  • This customization aids in precise project management and tracking. 
  • After initiating a workflow, options allow editing project fields and stakeholders for flexible updates.

Enhanced Collaboration and Project Oversight

  • By streamlining the approval process and enhancing collaboration among stakeholders, the system significantly improves efficiency and reduces the time to market for packaging designs.
  • It minimizes the chances of miscommunication and delays, leading to a more efficient workflow. 
  • The system aids in maintaining compliance with internal protocols and external regulations through its detailed audit trails and customizable workflow paths. 

What are the benefits of Artwork Review?


Enhanced Efficiency in Project Execution

Customizable workflows, including parallel and serial processes, streamline project execution, leading to faster completion times.

Automated email alerts and reminders keep tasks on track, reducing delays.

Improved Project Visibility

The dashboard with traffic light color coding provides a clear, real-time view of project statuses, helping identify delays or issues early.

Increased Flexibility

Ability to edit project fields and stakeholders after initiating a workflow offers flexibility in managing dynamic project requirements.

Options to put projects on hold or terminate them provide control over the project lifecycle.

Effective Team Collaboration

Tasks can be assigned to individuals or groups, fostering teamwork, and ensuring accountability.

Delegation features for out-of-office scenarios ensure continuous project progression.

Comprehensive Documentation and Compliance

Detailed audit logs provide a transparent record of all actions, enhancing accountability and compliance.

Version-controlled file attachments ensure that everyone accesses the most current documents, reducing errors.

Improved Risk Management

Early identification of potential delays or issues allows for proactive management, reducing the risk of project overruns.


The system's ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously makes it scalable for businesses of all sizes.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Automated workflows and reminders alleviate the administrative load on project managers.


Streamlining processes and reducing time spent on manual tasks lead to cost savings.

Quality Assurance

Consistency in project execution and design adherence ensures high-quality outcomes.

Decision-Making Support

Comprehensive project data and history support informed decision-making.

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