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Regulatory Compliance

  • Industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics enforce stringent regulations on minimum font sizes for vital product label information. This feature simplifies verifying compliance, minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

  • For instance, the FDA requires that the "Nutrition Facts" label must have a type size no smaller than 6-point font for most of the text, and at least 8-point font for the "Calories" information. Additionally, the "Serving size" and "Servings per container" must also be in a type size that is larger than the net quantity of contents declaration.

Flexible UOM

  • Various countries uphold diverse regulatory standards for font sizes on product labels, often in different units of measurement. Providing users with the option to view font information in multiple units, such as millimeters (mm), inches (in), points (pt), and fractions, facilitates seamless conversion and comparison.

  • This ensures alignment with specific market requirements, fostering compliance within each distinct regulatory landscape.

Consistency Across Products

By identifying and grouping text by font type and size, the system helps maintain consistency across different products of the same brand. This is crucial for brand recognition and customer trust.

Efficient Design Review

Interactive checking of font information speeds up the review process. Reviewers can quickly hover over text to see font details, making it easier to spot inconsistencies or deviations from design standards.

Error Reduction

Manual checks for font sizes and types are prone to human error, especially in artworks with a lot of text or complex layouts. Automated font identification minimizes these errors, ensuring more accurate artwork.

Time Saving

This feature saves time during the artwork creation and review process. Designers and reviewers don't have to manually check each text element, allowing for quicker turnaround times.

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