Print Inspection

Detect printing errors before your product hits the shelves.

Digitally check you incoming packaging material at the plant

Simple steps

  • Take a sample of the incoming printed material supplied by your printer. 

  • Scan it using a 600dpi flatbed scanner to generate a PDF file
  • Compare it with the approved digital artwork PDF

Inspect any kind of component

  • Scan and inspect various packaging formats, including folding cartons, labels, and inserts with ease.

Checks Text, Graphics, Barcodes and Braille

  • Perform detailed comparisons of text, graphics, barcodes, and Braille against approved digital versions with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Automatically deskew and align scanned files with the approved PDF, eliminating manual intervention and ensuring precision.

Intuitive User Interface for Quick Decisions

  • View deviations side-by-side for a detailed analysis of discrepancies.
  • Utilize flicker mode for a rapid yet comprehensive overview of differences, aiding quick decision-making.

Deviation report

  • Empower QC personnel to accept or reject deviations by adding comments, enabling them to make informed decisions based on their findings.
  • Generate comprehensive deviation reports with comments, providing thorough documentation for all inspections.

Automated and Detailed Reporting for Approval Workflows

  • Facilitate seamless approval workflows by sending reports for review, ensuring efficient communication and decision-making.

Data collation

  • Automatically collate essential data points such as material codes, FG codes, vendor information, and inspection dates.
  • Leverage collected data for in-depth vendor performance analysis.

What are the benefits of Print Inspection?


Prevent Costly Errors

Catching printing mistakes early prevents wastage and rework, safeguarding brand reputation and reducing financial losses.

Comprehensive Quality Checks

Perform thorough scans and comparisons across diverse packaging formats, guaranteeing meticulous inspection of all printed materials.

Precision in Evaluation

Detailed scrutiny of text, graphics, barcodes, and Braille ensures exacting accuracy in identifying deviations from approved digital versions.

Facilitate Informed Decisions

Detailed deviation reports with comments empower quality control teams to make informed choices swiftly, minimizing delays in the approval process.

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