Adobe Plugin

Effortlessly import approved pack content into Adobe illustrator and simplify the design process.

Ensure error-free artworks with Adobe Illustrator plugin


  • The Adobe Plugin eliminates manual copying and pasting content into design files, streamlining the process by directly importing text, images, and elements into Adobe Illustrator.
  • Accelerate design and minimize errors by directly importing content, ensuring the final artwork aligns with the approved pack copy.
  • This streamlining of the workflow greatly enhances accuracy and efficiency in the packaging design process. 

Direct Transfer of Text Attributes

  • Plugin seamlessly transfers text attributes from Pack Copy Management System to Adobe Illustrator, including bold, italics, underlining, and other font characteristics.
  • Crucial for compliance, the plugin automates text attributes in design, preserving original integrity, reducing manual adjustments, and minimizing errors.
  • This automatic adherence to prescribed text formats streamlines the design workflow, ensuring that the final artwork meets both aesthetic and regulatory standards. 

Predefined Text Attribute Settings and Templates

  • The plugin facilitates predefined templates, simplifying design with preset text attributes such as font size, type, and color for various elements. For instance, when designing a label for a 12 oz orange juice bottle, a designer can select a pre-established template specifically tailored for 12 oz labels. This template might include predetermined minimum font sizes and other regulatory requirements relevant to the product.
  • After template setup, dragging any pack copy onto the artwork automatically formats it based on predefined settings.
  • This feature ensures consistency in design, maintains brand standards, and ensures regulatory compliance across similar products.

Retrieve component wise content

  • The Adobe Illustrator plugin, integrated with the Pack Copy Management System, allows for the targeted retrieval of content specific to different packaging components, such as labels, cartons, or any other designated part.
  • Designers can efficiently access and pull only the relevant content necessary for a particular component, streamlining the design process for multi-component packaging.

Drag-and-Drop Text and Images

  • This essential feature of the Adobe Illustrator plugin, integrated with the Pack Copy Management System, allows designers to effortlessly drag and drop both text and image elements from the plugin directly onto their artwork.
  • Designers can quickly select the required text or image elements from the pack copy and place them accurately on the packaging design layout within Adobe Illustrator.
  • This capability not only speeds up the workflow but also ensures precision in the placement of content, contributing to a more cohesive and visually appealing package design.

Artwork Revision and Text Comparison Feature

  • This advanced feature of the Adobe Illustrator plugin, integrated with the Pack Copy Management System, is designed to streamline the process of updating existing artwork.
  • When a designer is revising an artwork, the plugin can compare the text currently in the artwork with the updated pack copy. It highlights any discrepancies or changes in the text, clearly indicating the elements that need attention. 

Multilingual Content Retrieval

  • Plugin supports the retrieval of pack copy content in multiple languages which is particularly beneficial for products distributed in multilingual regions or global markets.
  • Designers can import content in desired languages directly into design files, ensuring packaging aligns with local regulations and appeals to diverse consumer bases.
  • The ease of switching between languages and adapting designs for different markets greatly enhances the flexibility and global reach of packaging design. 

One-Click Update with Attribute Retention

  • Once the differences are identified, the designer can use an 'update' button to seamlessly incorporate the new copy into the artwork. This sophisticated functionality ensures that while the text is updated to reflect the new copy, all other attributes of the original text – such as font style, color, size, and overall layout are retained.
  • This time-saving feature ensures visual consistency and design integrity while minimizing manual effort in text updates, ensuring seamless alignment with existing design elements.

Validation Feature

  • The 'Validate' button in the Adobe Illustrator plugin, part of the Pack Copy Management System, is a crucial feature. It addresses potential text overflow issues when updating pack copy in artwork, ensuring text fits within bounds, especially in PDF exports.
  • Additionally, it checks font sizes for compliance with specified standards. Detecting overflow or font size discrepancies, it alerts designers to make necessary adjustments for visually appealing, guideline-compliant artwork.
  • This feature significantly enhances design reliability and professionalism.

Master Artwork Templates with Copy Element Placeholders

  • An innovative feature of the Adobe Illustrator plugin, linked with the Pack Copy Management System, is the ability for designers to create master artwork templates. These templates house placeholders for copy elements, either with dummy text or left blank for customization.
  • Once the actual text is accessible, it seamlessly fills these placeholders, converting the template into a finished artwork. This method is especially beneficial for generating various versions of artwork with identical layouts but different language content.

Designer Instruction Display Feature

  • The Adobe Illustrator plugin, integrated with the Pack Copy Management System, prominently displays pack copy instructions for designers. This immediate access to guidelines, preferences, and design notes ensures clarity on placement, font sizes, colors, and special considerations.
  • Having instructions within the plugin streamlines communication, reducing mistakes and helping designers create artwork that closely matches the initial vision.
  • This boosts efficiency and accuracy in design. 

Enhanced Nutrition Facts Panel Formatting

The Pack Copy Management System now includes an advanced feature for creating and formatting Nutrition Facts Panels. This feature significantly improves the versatility and compliance of packaging design, especially for products intended for the U.S. and EU markets. Here's a breakdown of this new capability: 

  • Generic Table Transformation: Input basic nutritional data in a simple table and watch it transform into a complete Nutrition Facts Panel in the Adobe Plugin.
  • Support for Multiple FDA Formats: Understanding the diverse requirements for different product types and packaging sizes, the system supports several U.S. FDA-approved formats:
    Vertical Format: Ideal for most standard packaging, offering a clear and comprehensive display of nutritional information. 
    Tabular Format: Suited for smaller packaging where space is limited, ensuring that all required information is still prominently displayed.
    Linear Format: An alternative for smaller packages, providing a streamlined presentation of the key nutritional facts. 
    Dual-Column Format: Perfect for products that could be consumed in multiple sittings or in different amounts, showing both 'per serving' and 'per package' data. 
  • Automatic Formatting Compliance: The system ensures that all transformed Nutrition Facts Panels are in compliance with the latest FDA guidelines, including font size, layout, and required nutritional elements. This automation significantly reduces the risk of regulatory non-compliance. 
  • Integration with Design Software: Similar to other pack copy elements, these formatted Nutrition Facts Panels can be directly dragged and dropped into packaging artwork via the Adobe Illustrator plugin. This ensures seamless integration of accurate nutritional information into the design process. 
  • Customizable Options: While the transformation is automated, users have the flexibility to make adjustments to suit specific packaging needs, ensuring that the final output aligns perfectly with the brand and packaging design. 

Efficiency in Multilingual Artwork Creation

  • This feature simplifies multilingual artwork creation by replacing manual adjustments with a master template setup. It automatically fills placeholders with the correct text for each language, saving time and ensuring consistency across versions.
  • It's an ideal solution for globally distributed products, streamlining the process while maintaining uniformity.

What are the benefits of Adobe Plugin?


Increased Efficiency

Automated features like text auto-population and one-click updates streamline the artwork creation process, significantly reducing the time and effort required to produce and revise designs.

Consistency Across Artworks

The ability to use master templates and placeholders ensures uniformity in design across multiple product versions, especially useful in multilingual packaging, maintaining brand consistency.

Error Reduction

Features like the 'Validate' button help in identifying and correcting potential errors such as text overflow or non-compliance with font sizes, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring text attributes like font size meet regulatory requirements is simplified, which is crucial for products in heavily regulated industries.

Enhanced Collaboration

The display of designer instructions within the plugin and the ability to comment directly on copy elements improves communication between copywriters and designers, leading to more accurate and efficient design outcomes.

Flexibility in Design

Designers can easily adapt to changes in pack copy, including last-minute edits, without disrupting the overall design, offering greater flexibility in responding to market or regulatory changes.

Reduced Manual Work

The elimination of manual tasks like copy-pasting text into designs saves time and reduces human error, leading to a more streamlined workflow.

Global Market Readiness

The ease of creating artwork for different language versions makes it simpler for businesses to prepare their products for international markets.

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