Digital Asset
Management (DAM)

Manage all files in one place. Ensure that you're sharing and collaborating on only the most recent versions of your artwork files.

Organise, find and share your brand assets quickly

Multiple File Formats

  • The DAM's ability to handle over 100 file formats, including PDF, AI, image and document formats, as well as video and audio, makes it highly versatile and suitable across all department needs
  • The system's ability to handle a diverse range of files connected to artwork – such as product briefs, specification documents, font files, source files, images, pack shots, promotional videos, and more – positions it as a central hub for all your digital asset requirements.

Centralized Permission Control

  • By centralizing permission control, the system ensures secure and regulated access to digital assets, which is crucial for maintaining confidentiality and compliance.

Advanced search

  • Comprehensive search including metadata and content based search. Search by Brand, File type, File status or any combination of metadata.
  • Simple search interface enables user to find files and view them quickly.

Version Control

  • The stacking of file versions with the latest version presented as default ensures that users are always working with the most current and approved version of a file, reducing the risk of errors.

Thumbnails & File Operations

  • Automatically generated thumbnails provide visual cues for quick artwork recognition
  • Once you have found your file, the system allows for a variety of file operations such as downloading, sharing, deleting, updating, revising, bookmarking, and archiving. This comprehensive set of capabilities caters to diverse user needs.

Dynamic Folder Hierarchy

  • The ability to organize files in a customizable hierarchical structure based on metadata enhances the system's flexibility and user-friendliness.

Integrated Viewer and Publishing

  • Users can view files directly within the system, and files are published into the DAM from workflows post-approval or through direct uploads, ensuring a streamlined process from creation to approval and publication.

Efficient Workflow Integration

  • The integration of the DAM with other workflow processes ensures a seamless transition of files through different stages of development, approval, and use.

Accessibility and Sharing

  • The DAM acts as a repository for all final approved artworks, accessible to a broader team within and outside the organization. This facilitates the sharing and distribution of updated and approved assets.

What are the benefits of DAM?


Enhanced Productivity

Streamlined file handling saves time, improves organization, and accelerates project workflows.

Improved Collaboration

Centralized access and sharing facilitate seamless collaboration among teams, both internal and external.

Reduced Errors

Version control minimizes mistakes by ensuring work with the latest approved files.

Enhanced Security

Controlled permissions safeguard confidentiality and compliance with secure access to assets.

Flexible Organization

Customizable hierarchy based on metadata enhances usability and adaptability.

Comprehensive Asset Management

Acts as a central hub for diverse digital assets, simplifying search and retrieval processes.

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