From Concept to Market: Enhancing ROI Through Efficient Artwork Management

May 15, 2024


In the competitive world of consumer goods, the impact of product packaging on consumer appeal and brand identity is immense. Yet, the journey of managing these vital packaging artworks is fraught with complexities. Challenges such as errors, recalls, and market delays are common, often undermining a company’s financial and brand standing. But with the advent of advanced artwork management systems, this narrative is changing dramatically.

Enter ManageArtworks, a comprehensive solution that has demonstrated its capacity to revolutionize the packaging artwork process. This is the story of how ManageArtworks significantly boosted the ROI for a key player in the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.

The Challenge Faced by the Client

Our client, a major name in the CPG sector, was struggling with an inefficient, manual packaging artwork process. Relying on a combination of emails and Excel files for management, they encountered frequent errors, resulting in multiple artwork revisions and significant delays in product launches. These inefficiencies were not just financially draining but were also damaging the company’s brand reputation.

The Transformation with ManageArtworks

Choosing ManageArtworks marked a turning point. This suite of solutions was designed to manage the entire artwork lifecycle, ushering in a new era of efficiency and accuracy. The transformation was multifaceted:

Copy Management: The system streamlined the creation of packaging copy, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all product lines. By automating and centralizing copy management, the risk of errors was significantly reduced.

Workflow Approval: ManageArtworks introduced an automated workflow for artwork approvals, replacing the cumbersome email-based system. This not only expedited the approval process but also provided clear visibility and accountability at each stage.

Proofing Tools: Advanced proofing tools were implemented, enabling precise and efficient reviews of packaging artworks. These tools allowed for accurate comparisons, detailed annotations, and streamlined collaboration, cutting down on the number of iterations needed.

Digital Asset Management (DAM): The DAM feature became a central repository for all approved artworks, supporting a vast array of file formats and facilitating easy search and retrieval. This ensured that all teams had access to the latest, approved versions of the artwork, thereby maintaining consistency and compliance.

The Result: Enhanced ROI

The deployment of ManageArtworks transformed the client’s packaging artwork process. The reduction in errors and delays led to faster time-to-market, significantly improving the company’s ROI. The enhanced efficiency not only saved costs but also bolstered the brand’s reputation in a competitive market.

Through ManageArtworks, the client experienced firsthand how efficient artwork management can be a game-changer in enhancing ROI, from concept to market.

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