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How do I know if Pro is the right plan for me?

How do I know if Pro is the right plan for me?

Content on the labels are usually taken from existing related product labels and modified for current SKUs. This confuses the designer about what to keep and what to leave.

Designers are prone to a lot of copy-pasting errors when fetching content from Email, Word, Excel, phone or face-2-face meetings.

Inputs are made available in patches. “Why don’t you start the work and I will send you more information” is a common statement made by department users.

Just when the designer thought they got it all right, someone changes their mind and wants the text changed. Could be a change in the Nutrition Claim text or a missing Trademark symbol, last minute changes are sometimes inevitable.

When it comes to colors and font styles, everyone has an opinion. So, re-work to keep up with Marketing or Brand’s likes and dislikes are not uncommon.

Does this sound relatable? Take this simple test that will help us define your current approval process


Your artwork goes through multiple reworks



You store your files across multiple environments



Your process covers proofing the final print of the artwork


If your answers are positive for the first two instances and and negative for the last, then this is where you stand on the Artwork Maturity Lifecycle

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