Case Studies

Revolutionizing Copy Management in a Leading Personal Healthcare Division

Challenge Previously, the division relied on managing product copy in Excel files, a method that proved cumbersome with numerous stakeholders involved in the approval process. With a vast array of products and stakeholders, this approach led to a high rate of artwork errors and inefficiencies.

Solution Implementation Approximately three years ago, the division implemented ManageArtworks Copy Manager, customized to fit their specific business needs. The system centralized all copy information, bringing together over 100 users from marketing, regulatory, legal, and other departments.

Results and Business Benefits
• Dramatic reduction in artwork errors due to copy: From double digits to zero in the first year and only one instance in the second year.
• Centralization of copy information significantly streamlined the approval process.• Reusing approved content reduced the time needed for copy approvals.
• Integration of copy data with the design agency using XML format minimized errors and enhanced workflow efficiency.
• Effective management of translations, crucial for the company's global market presence.
• Plans for future integration with their Product Information Management (PIM) system to streamline eCommerce copy management.

Conclusion The implementation of the Copy Manager system marked a significant turning point in the division’s approach to managing product copy. This strategic move not only minimized errors but also enhanced workflow efficiency and reduced time-to-market for new and updated products. The division is now well-positioned to leverage these improvements in expanding its eCommerce capabilities, further solidifying its market presence in the personal healthcare sector.

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Transforming Artwork Management in a Leading Agrochemical Company

Challenge With manufacturing units in one country and markets spread across the globe, the company faced challenges in managing packaging artworks consistently. The need for region-specific workflows, coupled with the requirement for a centralized artwork library, presented a complex scenario. Managing over 650 users across various continents, the company sought a solution that could adapt to different regional regulatory requirements and business processes.

Solution Implementation In 2018, the company implemented a comprehensive Artwork Management System, initially for their domestic market, which later expanded to encompass their global operations, including the US, Europe, and Latin America. The system's flexibility allowed for the creation of region-specific workflows while maintaining a centralized Artwork Library.

Results and Business Benefits
• Artwork approval time was significantly reduced, with some regions reporting a 75% reduction.
• Integration with the global SAP system ensured seamless data synchronization across regions.
• The system's capability to manage diverse components, including labels, cartons, and leaflets, was crucial for the company's wide range of products.
• Packaging specifications were efficiently managed and included in the artwork approval process for printers.
• The label validity and obsolescence feature ensured that artworks were always up-to-date and compliant.
• Single Sign-On (SSO) for internal users and flexible authentication for external stakeholders like agencies and print vendors streamlined user onboarding.
• Customizable workflows catered to local requirements while maintaining global standards.

Conclusion The implementation of the Artwork Management System revolutionized the company’s approach to global packaging and labeling. By significantly reducing approval times and enhancing cross-regional collaboration, the company strengthened its competitive edge in the agrochemical industry, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and market responsiveness.

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Streamlining Artwork and Copy Management in the Wine Industry

Challenge The company faced significant challenges in managing the artwork and copy for their extensive product range. With a user base of 150+ professionals across various departments and over 60 packaging suppliers and printers, coordinating the label information and proof approval process was cumbersome, leading to extended time-to-market. This hindered the company's ability to respond swiftly to market trends and regulatory changes – a crucial aspect in the dynamic wine industry.

Solution Implementation The company adopted ManageArtworks, a comprehensive Artwork and Copy Management System, about 2.5 years ago. The system streamlined processes across the board, including the New Artwork Approval and New Label Information Sheet approval.

Results and Business Benefits
• The Artwork Approval Process duration reduced by 25% in the first year and a further 8% the second year, marking a significant 33% reduction over two years.
• The Label Information Approval Process (Label Copy) centralized all label copy, including design instructions and language translations, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. This centralization led to a more coordinated review and approval process, crucial for maintaining brand consistency and regulatory compliance.
• The streamlined processes allowed for faster response to market trends and regulatory changes, essential in the wine industry where timing and seasonal releases are critical.
• The improved efficiency in label approval and design processes significantly reduced the time-to-market for new and updated products, enhancing the company's competitive edge.
• The system's adaptability and user-friendliness increased collaboration between marketing, quality control, winemaking, regulatory, and planning departments, as well as external partners like packaging suppliers and printers.

Conclusion The implementation of the Artwork and Copy Management System significantly streamlined the company’s approach to product labeling. By significantly reducing the time-to-market and enhancing collaborative efforts, the company bolstered its position in the wine industry, ensuring that its premium and ultra-premium offerings continue to meet the evolving tastes and regulatory standards of a sophisticated clientele.

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We wanted to streamline our label approval process with a functional program that could help us avoid human error, consolidate information, store assets, and provide timelines. ManageArtworks met all of these needs and is extremely user friendly, so our adoption to the software was seamless. The customer service and customization far exceed expectations.

A. Aimee Tsakirellis - Vice President of Marketing at Cedar’s Foods

What sets ManageArtworks apart from off-the-shelf document management systems (DMS), artwork management systems and other collaboration platforms in the market is the fact that it is an integrated solution that brings together DMS, workflows, record management (packaging records & batch records), advanced reporting, analytics and audit trails. Everyone at ManageArtworks from the leadership to the project manager, were willing and able to configure the solution as per our specific needs.

Kim Mills Quint - Senior Director for Packaging Development and Design at Dr.Reddy's Laboratories

The system's efficiency in handling artwork submissions, revisions, and approvals has not only saved us valuable time but has also enhanced collaboration among team members. Its automated notification feature has greatly reduced communication gaps and improved overall project coordination. the Artwork Management System has been a game-changer for us. Its reliability, ease of use, and comprehensive capabilities make it an indispensable tool for anyone dealing with artwork management.

Namita Srivastava
General Manager, Head - Regulatory Affairs at HealthKart

We needed a solution to manage our artwork development and approval process better, and found ManageArtworks. With this easy-to-use system, we have been able to effectively reduce time to market, increase productivity, and increase artwork review disciplines to help minimize errors.

Matt LaFollette
New Business Development Head at JBS Global

We are in an FMCG Volume Business where end-to-end artwork ecosystem and quick turnaround time are critical elements. We wanted to digitalize the Artwork Management to eliminate human errors and improve turnaround time.This comprehensive approach encompasses our vast ecosystem of vendors, our locations, franchises, and compliance requirements. At Parle Agro Ltd, we achieved these objectives with the implementation of the KAROMI ManageArtworks System. The KAROMI project and support team, along with senior management, have proven to be exceptionally supportive, knowledgeable, innovative, and committed throughout the journey.

Dr. Avadhut Parab
Chief Information Officer at Parle Agro Pvt Ltd.