Introducing "Design by AI" – the future of packaging design, reimagined. This groundbreaking Adobe Illustrator plugin, powered by advanced artificial intelligence, is set to revolutionize how brands and design agencies create and adapt their packaging artworks. Say goodbye to the tedious, manual process of resizing and reshaping designs for different packaging needs. Whether you're scaling from small to large, or transforming from rectangular to circular dielines, "Design by AI" automates the process, ensuring precision, consistency, and breathtaking design integrity in mere minutes. Unleash your creativity, streamline your workflow, and stay ahead in the fast-paced world of packaging design. With "Design by AI," the possibilities are endless, and the future of design is now. Prepare to be amazed.

The plugin operates by taking an existing artwork file along with a new dieline file as inputs. Dielines are crucial in packaging design, serving as templates that outline where cuts and folds should be made on a sheet to create a packaging structure. With "Design by AI," users can effortlessly select specific regions of their original artwork and assign them to corresponding panels on the new dieline. This process allows for precise mapping of artwork elements to the packaging structure.

Upon selecting the artwork segments for each panel and initiating the process, the plugin performs its "magic." Within a mere minute or two, it automatically generates a new Adobe Illustrator file tailored to the new dieline. This file incorporates the designated artwork panels, ensuring they align perfectly with the packaging structure outlined in the dieline.

This technology represents a significant leap forward for both brands and design agencies. It not only dramatically reduces the time and effort required to adapt and redesign packaging artworks but also ensures accuracy and consistency in the final product. By automating the most tedious and error-prone aspects of packaging design, "Design by AI" enables designers to focus on creativity and innovation, leading to higher quality outcomes and faster time-to-market for new products.

For brands, this means packaging that better reflects their vision and values, with the added benefit of being able to quickly iterate on designs in response to market feedback. For design agencies, it offers a competitive edge, enabling them to deliver exceptional value to their clients through efficiency, precision, and creativity. "Design by AI" is set to transform the landscape of packaging design, offering an unprecedented blend of speed, accuracy, and artistic freedom.

Enhancing the capabilities of the "Design by AI" plugin further, it adeptly handles both size and shape variations in packaging designs, making it an even more indispensable tool for brands and design agencies. Let's delve into examples of how it seamlessly accommodates changes in size and transitions between different shapes, such as from rectangular to circular dielines, thereby broadening the creative possibilities and operational efficiency in packaging design.

Shape Variations

Transitioning from a rectangular to a circular dieline showcases the plugin's versatility in handling shape variations. This functionality is particularly beneficial for products undergoing a rebranding or those launching special editions requiring unique packaging shapes. For instance, a brand might want to launch a limited edition of their product in a circular tin instead of their standard rectangular box. With "Design by AI," designers can select the artwork elements from the original rectangular design and map them onto a circular dieline. The plugin intelligently adjusts the artwork to fit the new shape, ensuring that key design elements are optimally placed and visually coherent, despite the drastic change in packaging form.

This ability to easily transition between different packaging shapes and sizes not only enhances creative flexibility but also enables brands to experiment with innovative packaging designs without the burden of extensive manual adjustments. Whether it's a seasonal special, a limited edition, or a brand-wide shift in packaging strategy, "Design by AI" makes these transitions seamless, fostering creativity, brand differentiation, and quicker adaptation to market trends.

In summary, "Design by AI" significantly enriches the design process by offering unparalleled ease in adapting packaging artworks for various sizes and shapes. It empowers brands and design agencies to push the boundaries of creative design while ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and consistency, ultimately elevating the consumer experience through visually striking and perfectly executed packaging.

Size Variations

Imagine a brand that offers a product in multiple sizes - small, medium, and large. Each size requires a distinct packaging size, but the brand wishes to maintain a consistent design across all variations. Traditionally, this would require manually adjusting the artwork for each size, a time-consuming and error-prone process. With "Design by AI," once the original artwork is mapped onto a standard dieline, adapting it to other sizes becomes effortless. By specifying the new dimensions or selecting a pre-defined size variation dieline, the plugin automatically adjusts the mapped artwork regions to fit the new packaging size while preserving the design integrity and visual appeal. This feature ensures brand consistency across different product sizes and significantly speeds up the design process for multi-sized product ranges.

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