What can you do with our Layer analysis tool?

Toggle layers and refine your review process

Layer Visibility Control

Users have the ability to view all layers contained within a PDF file and selectively toggle them on or off. This granular control is crucial for focusing on specific elements of the artwork.

Streamlined Comparison Process

By enabling users to deactivate layers that are not relevant to the final printed artwork, such as dielines and slugs, the system streamlines the comparison process. This ensures that users concentrate only on the elements that are essential for the final output.

Reduced Distractions

Turning off non-essential layers minimizes distractions, allowing users to focus on critical content. This is particularly beneficial in eliminating unnecessary examination of standard elements like headers and footers that may not vary between versions.

Enhanced Accuracy

This feature improves the accuracy of comparisons by eliminating the chances of false discrepancies due to non-printing elements. Users can confidently compare artworks knowing that their focus is solely on the print-relevant aspects.

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