What can you do with our Image Comparison tool?

Comprehensive Pixel Comparison

The ability to compare every aspect of the artwork, including text, graphics, and barcodes, ensures thoroughness. Even minute differences between versions or different artworks can be detected, which is critical in maintaining brand consistency and regulatory compliance.

Detailed Difference Display and Navigation

The system not only identifies differences but also displays them in a user-friendly manner. Users can easily navigate through each difference, with the system zooming into specific areas for a closer examination. This enhances the user's ability to scrutinize and understand each variance.

Auto-Alignment of Artworks

The system’s ability to automatically align artworks, irrespective of their orientation, is crucial. This feature ensures that the comparison is accurate even if the artworks have been rotated or moved, removing the need for manual adjustments.

Flexible Viewing Options

Offering both side-by-side and flicker mode (where two versions are shown alternately at a set frequency) provides flexibility in how users prefer to view and analyze differences. This can cater to different user preferences and make the comparison process more efficient.

Selective Comparison Options

The flexibility to perform pixel comparison on either a selected portion of the artwork or the entire file caters to different needs. For instance, a user may only want to compare a specific section of an artwork for targeted analysis.

Customizable Comparison Reports

Generating comparison reports for each page of the artwork with the ability to highlight each difference individually is extremely useful for documentation and audit purposes. Users can also tailor these reports by removing certain differences or adding comments, which adds context and relevance to the review process.

Efficiency in Revision and Approval Processes

By automating the comparison process and providing detailed, easy-to-navigate reports, the system significantly speeds up the artwork revision and approval process.

Highlighting Differences

Differences are highlighted with a box, making them easily identifiable. This visual cue is particularly helpful when dealing with complex artworks where discrepancies might be subtle.

Enhanced Quality Control

This feature plays a crucial role in quality control, ensuring that every iteration of an artwork meets the required standards and specifications.

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