What can you do with our Text Comparison tool?

Focused Text Comparison

By exclusively analyzing text content, the feature can accurately identify discrepancies in text between different artwork versions. This is crucial for ensuring that all textual information is correct and consistent.

Differentiation of Text Layout Variations

The system's ability to distinguish between textual content and its layout is particularly valuable. Despite layout variations, such as line breaks, text comparison remains accurate, ensuring genuine text errors are detected

Detailed Categorization of Differences

Breaking down differences into sub-categories like 'Case difference', 'Formatting difference', 'Text difference', 'Only in Master file', and 'Only in Sample file' allows for a more granular analysis and understanding of the nature of each discrepancy.

Side-by-Side and Flicker Mode Viewing

Similar to the pixel comparison tool, this feature allows users to view differences in side-by-side or flicker mode, enhancing the review process and making it easier to spot and understand discrepancies.

Language Agnostic Comparison

The system’s ability to compare text irrespective of language, using Unicode values, makes it a versatile tool for global operations. This is particularly important when comparing artworks with multilingual text.

Customizable Comparison Reports

Generating reports that highlight individual differences enables precise documentation and assists in the quality control process. These reports can serve as a record of revisions and verifications.

Enhanced Regulatory 

Ensuring text accuracy is often a regulatory requirement, particularly in industries like pharmaceuticals and food production. This tool helps in maintaining compliance with such regulations.

Flexible Comparison Scope

The option to conduct text comparisons for specific areas, whole pages, or multiple pages provides flexibility, catering to different needs and scenarios. This can be particularly useful when only certain sections of the artwork are updated or need review.

Efficiency in Artwork Approval Process

Automating the text comparison process speeds up the artwork review and approval process, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.

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