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What changes when I start using Lite?

What changes when I start using Lite?

How much time are you spending on low-value, repetitive tasks ?

Automating your packaging artwork management process will enhance your team’s ability to build their productivity for the work they were actually hired to do.

An evaluation across 1,000 information workers based in U.S. revealed that

  • 40% of those surveyed spend at least a quarter of their work-week on repetitive tasks
  • 70% of the respondents recognized approvals, sign-offs, requesting status-updates as one of the biggest productivity killers
  • 78% say automation would allow them to spend more time on the rewarding aspects of their job – like learning and implementing a new skill set

*based on a 2017 survey conducted by Market Cube

The last thing a growing business needs is people monitoring people


It’s exhausting and mentally taxing to be

  • stuck on pointless back and forth about who has the latest version of the file or
  • manually proofreading and comparing files or
  • just getting caught-up in an endless loop of chain mails

Work doesn’t need to be this complicated.
Keep it simple with MA Lite.


A structured workflow helps you see the broad strokes of what everyone’s do Move from a people-dependent scenario to a process-dependent scenario
Stop wasting time trying to find the last updated file in your inbox. Instantly access the latest version of the file that your team is working on Metrics are automatically collated and its easy to see where things are going right or wrong and make your next move accordingly
Proofing tools help you identify snags between 2 versions of the artwork in a matter of seconds New people joining the organization can be quickly inducted into the process and require less training
The system sends alerts and reminders and does the follow-ups, freeing the artwork coordinator be more productive. Support your growth with MA Pro and Customs, use extra add-ons to reap more benefits over the years.




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Here’s what you get when you start using Lite

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