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A DAM that’s revolutionarily different from others

What is Digital Asset Management?

In it’s simplest form a DAM is a repository for all your digital assets. It facilitates structuring of files and having authorized users access it easily.

Check the boxes that apply to your organization:

  • Your assets are store everywhere
  • Your team wastes time finding them
  • You recreate work because you cant locate the missing file
  • Don’t have a secure location where your files are stored
  • Colleagues can’t find assets by themselves
  • There are multiple final versions
  • Your email storage space is full with large-sized files Sometimes you delete important mails to make way for new ones
  • Older and incorrect versions end up being used for promotion
  • Lack of consistency in branding and promotional materials

Did you check a lot of those boxes? Then you need a DAM

Productivity-wise a DAM helps you:

  • Eliminate chaos: …that ensues when multiple files stored in multiple environments and multiple geographies
  • Strengthen self-service: Let users find what they need when they need it instantly which means an end to wasting time fetching files they need for their
  • Eliminate Silos: As written by Patrick Lencioni in his book Silos, Politics and Turf Wars; “Silos – and the turf wars they enable – devastate organizations. They waste resources, kill productivity, and jeopardize the achievement of goals.”
  • Strengthen Relationships: It is imperative to encourage your teams to capitalize as much as possible on exchange of knowledge and the collaboration.
  • Eliminate low-value tasks: Between 20% to 40% of your creative time is spent on accessing assets. Kickstart your projects sooner.

Cost-wise a DAM helps you:

  • Eliminate re-creating assets: This happens when you’ve lost an image your designer created or purchased one online
  • Strengthens storage: Free up large spaces and pressure on your servers with unnecessary and large-sized or duplicate files
  • Eliminate inconsistency: Which version of the copy did you publish? The one with the updated warning statement containing your new ingredient – soy or the one without? Access the latest version of copytext and dielines at all times and avoid fines.

These are the benefits most DAM systems should ideally deliver.

We deliver all this and more

  1. Security and Access control

Control who sees what. This will help you manage rights to copyrighted material and save yourself from entering expensive litigation.


  1. A DAM that’s attached to your workflow

The DAM in ManageArtworks is built into the MA workflow system. The marriage of these two features answers –

What you do,

how you do it,

when should you do it by and

whom are you doing it for.


  1. Export assets in any format – even the unfamiliar ones

We’re only too familiar with the challenges of certain industries.

Pharma for eg. has to submit their content to regulatory bodies in XML format to comply with 21 CFR norms or EU’s QRD formats.

CPG on the other hand needs to export its content GDSN compatible formats to publish its pack shots and product specifications online. We make this happen.

which is related to our next point…


  1. Sync your e-commerce portals’ data with MA DAM

Imagine your product being sold across 50 online sites. Maybe you eliminated ‘added sugars’ from your pack of nutri biscuits of 50 mg. 100 mg and 200 mg.

This means you now have to update this across 50 sites – which effectively means logging into your supplier portal, finding the relevant SKUs and making this change.

Essentially you’ll be entering this information 150 times.

Get your MA DAM to do this work. Sync all these data and have them reflected on to the product pages instantly!


  1. The where-used-before feature

You want to make a change in the copytext of all packaging artworks containing cashews but there are multiple SKU variants of size and flavour of your product containing cashews. You’ll spend hours finding which SKUs will be affected.

Or you can find it instantly with the where-used feature built into the MA DAM.

Similarly you want to launch a new product in a new size. Not sure if the re dieline exists?

Use the where-used feature

This eliminates any possibility of duplication or recreating assets and saves enormous time.

The MA DAM was built to serve the entire lifecycle of artwork process – copy creation to artwork creation to artwork approval to artwork release .This means it will be there with you in every step of the artwork process – from womb to tomb.




Reach out to us to help you setup one.

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