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What is Lite? What would I have access to?

If you manage your packaging artworks using manual or email-based processes, this is the right place for you to get started.

Review and approval processes have to be carefully choreographed in order to avoid losing time and to ensure that comments from all stakeholders are captured and resolved/incorporated by the design team.

An end-to-end artwork approval process typically starts with someone raising a request for an artwork and ends with the signing-off and release of the final artwork. The flowchart below illustrates a typical artwork approval process.

The workflow might appear linear but the challenge lies in not missing a step when the artwork request is broken into multiple workflows based on SKU or components.

Having an artwork management system with review tools can help increase the accuracy while saving time.

Lite offers you access to an artwork management system with unlimited users, automated proofing, workflows (artwork design to launch) and standard reporting.

Roll out artworks as soon as they’re approved using these features:

Compare and analyze differences between two version of the same artwork side-by-side

Compare and analyze colours

Compare and analyze layers

Compare and Analyze Fonts 

Analyze the quality of your Barcode

 …apart from being able to:

  • Generate role-based user checklists,
  • Access standard reports to measure artwork process metrics, 
  • Reach out to 24×7 customer support and
  • get onboarding guidance



Click here to Sign Up for a 30-day free trial

Here’s what you get when you start using Lite

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