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MA Custom

What is Custom? What would I have access to?

Custom is an end-to-end packaging and artwork management solution designed to help you manage various processes starting from Artwork creation to Distribution.

  1. If you are churning artworks in high volume
  2. If you have broad product portfolios
  3. If you’re selling in multiple geographies
  4. If a lot of your artworks are revised to suit local and regional tastes
  5. If you experience a high rate of SKU proliferation
  6. If you heavily rely on external agents to provide packaging artwork inputs such as local translations
  7. If your product has to frequently keep up with updation in laws related to food and drugs in every country
  8. If postponing a launch will affect your bottomlines
  9. If you manually feed SAP or ERP inputs onto your artworks
  10. If you don’t have a single source to access the latest version of the content or key-line drawings for all artworks
  11. If you frequently update your product specifications on e-commerce websites
  12. If you lack clear approval processes
  13. If recalls, write-offs and stock replacement would lead to substantially high direct and indirect costs
  14. If you’re hiring manual proofreaders or spending hours to comprehensively double-check the packaging artwork content
  15. For pharma: If you’re required by regulatory authorities to present content in XML or QRD formats

then Custom is the plan for you

Overcome conventional problems with unconventional strategies

There is no standard set of workflows, but based on our experience
this is what an entire lifecycle of an artwork’s workflow looks like:

  1. Regulatory registration mock artwork approval process
  2. New Artwork Approval process
  3. Change requests process
  4. Dieline approval process
  5. Specification approval process
  6. Vendor Proof approval process
  7. Print Shade Card approval process
  8. Print Destruction process
  9. Harmonization process

How many workflows can you design?

Let’s say…

  • A company launches 3 flavors of juice (Grapefruit, Cranberry and Orange)
  • to be sold in 2 bottle sizes (4 fl oz and 8 fl oz)
  • Each SKU has 3 artwork components (front label, back label and cap) Which means..
  • the launch consists of 6 SKUs e. 2 bottle sizes X 3 Flavours
  • and 18 artwork componentse. 3 components X 2 bottle sizes X 3 Flavours

With MA Custom you have the ability to configure workflows that suit your convenience. For example, you can initiate:

  1. Single project workflow
    Single request with all 18 artwork components moving together for design and approval
  2. Multiple workflows based on SKU
    A single request initiated but broken up into 6 workflows automatically, one each for the 6 SKUs. Within each workflow there will be 3 artwork components, one each for the front label, back label and bottle cap. The 6 sub-workflows will be for
  • 4 fl oz Grapefruit juice bottle
  • 4 fl oz Cranberry juice bottle
  • 4 fl oz Orange juice bottle
  • 8 fl oz Grapefruit juice bottle
  • 8 fl oz Cranberry juice bottle
  • 8 fl oz Orange juice bottle
  1. Multiple workflows based on components
    A single request initiated but broken up into 18 workflows automatically, one each for the 18 components.4 fl oz Grapefruit juice bottle
  • Front label
  • Back Label
  • Bottle cap4 fl oz Cranberry juice bottle
  • Front label
  • Back Label
  • Bottle cap

…… and so on

Custom allows you to design flexible workflows where you can skip steps and make the process shorter and relevant if needed.

With your workflow situation sorted, these are the other instant benefits you can access from Custom:

Access a Single Source-of-Truth. Retrieve, share, update and tag files easily

Compare and analyze image differences between 2 versions of the artwork side-by-side

Compare and analyze text differences between 2 versions of the artwork side-by-side

Compare and analyze differences between your original brief and the artwork

Compare and analyze colours

Compare and analyze layers

Compare and Analyze Fonts 

Analyze the quality of your Barcode

 …apart from being able to:

  • Create customized workflows
  • Create and access configurable role-based user-checklists
  • Access customizable reports
  • Access a customizable dashboard
  • Access onboarding assistance
  • Access personal training
  • Access 24×7 e-mail and chat support

You can also choose add-ons that can be paired with your Custom plan to solve snags specific your approval process:

  1. Ai Plugin
    Manage multilingual artwork copy text across SKU’s with our Ai plugin
    Know More
  2. Copytext Management
    Manage multilingual copy text and symbols for ingredients, claims, nutrition tables, translations, caution statement and addresses
    Know More
  3. Packaging Specification Management
    Drive savings and maintain compliance by managing packaging and print specifications real time
    Know More
  4. eCommerce Integration
    Push Product information and images required for an e-Commerce website in any format (including GDSN) from ManageArtwork
    Know More
  5. SAP/ERP Integration
    Fetch product and SKU information from SAP including item codes and BOM and share approval status
    Know More
  6. Smart Checklists
    Automatic, rule-based dynamic checklists to ease your artwork proofing
    Know More
  7. Print Inspection
    Perform print inspection by comparing digital artwork against the scanned artwork for labels, cartons and leaflets
    Know More
  8. DAM
    Organize, track and manage your digital assets, marketing assets and product pack shots for eCommerce distribution in one central location
    Know More
  9. Data Migration
    We can help you move your existing packaging assets, specifications and copy text from your legacy systems into ManageArtworks
    Know More

Think of MA Custom as an advanced launchpad
that helps you deliver uninhibited lift-offs

Reach out to us to help you build one.

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