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ManageArtworks offers it’s Artwork Management System to all Organic business at 50% discount

January 13, 2021

The COVID19 pandemic has affected the way we eat – consumers have turned to trust the organic label. Small
organic businesses, not only have to find ways to meet the rising demand but also have to invest critically
limited resources like manpower, money, and time into reviewing and approving packaging artworks which are
subject to stringent enforcement by the USDA, FDA, FSA, EU, and other regulatory agencies across the world.

ManageArtworks – an automated packaging artwork management system offered by an ISO 9001:2015 certified
company will help organic food and beverage companies achieve packaging artwork compliance, reduce
reworks, and launch faster. The optimized process will help them allocate more time and resources to discover
better opportunities in the organic food and beverages landscape.

We would like to extend our support to the organic food & beverage manufacturing community and their
endeavour by offering our artwork management system at 50% discount, to help them reach their markets

“With this initiative, we hope that businesses facing limited market access due to labeling challenges can now
tap into other geographies and explore the spectrum of opportunities lying therein.” said Vilva Natarajan, CEO,

“Our customers have reported that they reach their markets up to 60% faster with ManageArtworks. We are
delighted to extend these benefits to the organic food manufacturing companies around the world.” said
Avinash Voodi, Head – Marketing, ManageArtworks.

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