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What is Pro? What would I have access to?

Scenario: A digital asset (a packaging artwork or a promotional material) is touched by at least 7 to 8 departments and 2 to 3 external stakeholders (agencies, pre-press, and printers).

Each one of these stake holders most probably has a copy of the asset somewhere in their email inbox or on their desktop. So who has the latest approved version? No one can really tell.

Organizations looking to

  1. reduce their time-to-market and
  2. achieve 100% regulatory compliance
  3. consolidate unstructured data,
  • stored across multiple environments,
  • multiple geographies and
  • in multiple formats

are best suited for MA Pro.

How do departments collaborate?

Artwork approval is usually done by users from multiple departments in parallel.

Approval processes often vary

  1. The process may include an initial review before its sent to multiple departments for approval.
  2. There could be a final approval required after all the approvers have approved the artwork.
  3. A coordinator may be introduced after the approvers have made their comments. The comments are collated and final instructions on the changes are shared with the design team.
  4. There could be projects where a department might/ might not have the need to sign-off. For example, Legal team may not be required if the request is for a supplier change.
  5. Vendor proofs are uploaded by the print vendors after they have done all the adjustments in the artwork to make it print-ready.

  1. The final modified file is shared with the brand for approval.
    • A few department users will review and approve the vendor proofs.
    • If it’s a first print, then someone from the brand will visit the print shop and check out the physical print samples.
    • Variations in color within an acceptable range are agreed on and the printer is then authorized to do the production runs.

An automation system eliminates delay by ensuring right versions of the files are available to the collaborators and the vendors. 

Having an artwork management system will ensure that vendors participate in the process online and download the files from the system thereby reducing the chance for an error to creep in.

MA Pro offers the following tools to achieve these objectives:

Access a Single Source-of-Truth. Retrieve, share, update and tag files easily

Compare and analyze image differences between 2 versions of the artwork side-by-side

Compare and analyze text differences between 2 versions of the artwork side-by-side

Compare and analyze differences between your original brief and the artwork

Compare and analyze colours

Compare and analyze layers

Compare and Analyze Fonts 

Analyze the quality of your Barcode

 …apart from being able to:

  • Generate role-based user checklists,
  • Access standard reports to measure artwork process metrics, 
  • Reach out to 24×7 customer support and
  • get onboarding guidance

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