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What changes when I start using Pro?

What changes when I start using Pro?

We identified the three major pitfalls faced by departments during the packaging artwork approval process:

  1. Locating the Correct Artwork
    • Locating the latest version of the artwork
    • Files scattered across printers’, agencies and internally in multiple desktops
    • Takes considerable time, effort and coordination to locate one
    • Additional cost of recreating artworks
  1. Long artwork approval time
    • Back and forth exchanges over emails
    • Your pending tasks for the artwork are hidden behind other emails
    • Artworks are not validated thoroughly in an effort to save time
    • Artworks are released sometimes without the approval of all stakeholders
  1. Proofreading is time-consuming
    • Manually detecting variations in color, dimensions, bar-code and braille is a complex and error-prone
    • Takign color prints to verify different variables can be inaccurate
    • Eyeballing content between two sheets is exhausting
    • It does guarantee protection against recalls and write-offs

Get it together with MA Pro


With the addition of online proofing tools, users reduce the number of hours spent on manual proof reading of the artwork Cost of quality reduces with significant increase in volume of artworks processed.
Proofreading tools enable errors to be identified faster leading to reduction in number of reworks and faster approval cycles. Ability to respond faster to market demands without compromising on quality and compliance.
Improved efficiency leads to increase in overall quality and compliance. Increased speed-to-market results in increased revenue from product launches
With access to checklists by department, you can now select “Yes”, “No” or “Not Applicable” and optionally put a comment for each checklist item.

See what your colleagues have marked in their checklist.

Get Stage 3 & 4 benefits by integrating with SAP and other systems.

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